0000195: [General] macOS: unable to find debug information if the executable has been moved after compilation (spx)
0000190: [Debugger] step over line has incorrect behavior when used on recursive function call site (spx)
0000022: [General] tool support to log crashes (spx)
0000133: [Expressions/Watchpoints] toggleable slider control (min ... max) to change displayed range for arrays (spx)
0000205: [PDB/CodeView] expression does not update/show incorrect value when added on function entry (spx)
0000151: [JIT] do not show two JIT debug dialogs for single initial exception (spx)
0000150: [JIT] crash when exiting JIT debugging session (spx)
0000014: [UI] improve inlined display of variables in source view (spx)
0000208: [Debugger] support minidump format (spx)
0000126: [UI] support partial line scrolling in expression table (spx)
0000206: [UI] add individual scrolling to the configuration selection list (spx)
0000193: [UI] add support to drag files onto the embedded file dialogs (spx)
0000202: [UI] option to overwrite key repeat time (spx)
0000068: [Debugger] support manually selecting source file location (spx)
0000067: [Debugger] support manually selecting debug information source (spx)
0000058: [UI] improve source debugger view (spx)
       0000144: [UI] add ability to open plain files even when not associated with any thread or debug information (spx)
       0000173: [DWARF] slow syntax highlighting (spx)
       0000033: [UI] add multiline comment support to syntax highlighting (spx)
       0000148: [UI] add option to disable word wrapping in source view (spx)
       0000161: [UI] add vertical scrollbar to the debugger view when possible (spx)
       0000143: [Debugger] do not open a new debugger view for every stopped thread (spx)
       0000147: [UI] allow arbitrary placement of debugger views (spx)
       0000163: [UI] use smooth scrolling when following debugger cursor (spx)
       0000027: [UI] scrolling the source/assembly view feels weird (spx)
       0000146: [UI] allow to click on empty space to select the current line (spx)
       0000153: [UI] better title for groups inside tabbed panel (spx)
0000180: [Expressions/Watchpoints] specify array size in "pointer,size" as expression instead of literal (spx)
0000055: [Expressions/Watchpoints] update linked list members while being expanded (spx)
0000065: [Debugger] support implicit C++ context (spx)
0000154: [UI] variable tooltip content can overflow the tooltip panel (spx)
0000203: [PDB/CodeView] LF_ONEMETHOD not processed correctly for methods with VFT offset (spx)
0000157: [Expressions/Watchpoints] expanded array using syntax ptr,x does not update unless collapsed/expanded again (spx)
0000156: [UI] textfields do not correctly handle input that is too large for the available area (spx)
0000127: [Debugger] do not show threads after exit when keeping session open after program exit (spx)
0000116: [UI] overlapping floating panels don't have a meaningful explicit draw order (spx)
0000201: [Expressions/Watchpoints] do not collapse structs/arrays when they go out of scope (spx)
0000199: [General] use d3d11 on Windows (spx)
0000200: [UI] add close button to optional panels (spx)
0000192: [UI] add context menu to tabbed container to "close all" or "close all other" tabs (spx)
0000139: [UI] option to highlight the call site instead of the return address when selecting call stack (spx)
0000130: [UI] display thread information in the stacktrace title (spx)
0000198: [General] some actions on the bottom bar don't work when used on an exited process (spx)
0000178: [Expressions/Watchpoints] additional display "flavors" for binary and hex output of float/double values (spx)
0000132: [Debugger] do not attach to child processes until proper multiprocess debugging support exists (spx)
0000136: [DWARF] debug information with clang and x86_64-pc-windows-gnu (spx)
       0000197: [DWARF] line section: fixed addresses exceeding 32bit space are mapped incorrectly (spx)
0000194: [UI] add mouse interaction to autocomplete panels (spx)
0000101: [Expressions/Watchpoints] option to have expression scopes follow the currently selected stacktrace frame (spx)
0000080: [UI] improve autocomplete to work at arbitrary positions (spx)
0000196: [Expressions/Watchpoints] different member depths for one struct do not align correctly relatively to each other when expanded (spx)
0000189: [UI] ability to temporarily popout expression from expression panel (spx)
0000108: [Expressions/Watchpoints] option to manually freeze expression values (spx)
0000009: [Expressions/Watchpoints] remember value for unavailable variables (spx)
0000091: [Expressions/Watchpoints] shorter and more helpful messages when expressions fail to compile (spx)
0000039: [UI] configuration "quick switch" panel (spx)
0000099: [UI] ability to change the order of expressions (spx)
0000191: [General] codeclap triggers macOS "beep" sound on all keyboard input (spx)
0000158: [UI] ability to jump to function implementation from the calling source location (spx)
0000138: [UI] more precise scrolling in the output window (spx)
0000142: [JIT] ability to restore previous JIT debugger when setting codeclap as JIT debugger (spx)
0000140: [UI] clip lines in expression panel instead of wrapping them to multiple lines (optional, new default) (spx)
0000186: [UI] keyboard shortcut to interrupt all threads -> break (spx)
0000188: [UI] option to run to/break at the closest line if current line has no instructions (spx)
0000187: [UI] add copy name/value option to expression menu (spx)
0000141: [Workspace] remember last selected configuration for direct startup without any mouse interaction (spx)
0000162: [UI] improve table column headers (spx)
0000106: [Expressions/Watchpoints] more keyboard shortcuts for "break on data change" and "pin expression" (spx)
0000123: [UI] no font rendering when choosing IUI_FONT_FACE_sans for any element (spx)
0000076: [UI] show inlined variable text in fron of function/file/module overlays when hovering (spx)
0000182: [Expressions/Watchpoints] trying to edit the value of an expanded %regs expression causes a crash (spx)
0000155: [UI] ability to set breakpoints by clicking on the respective line number/border (spx)
0000183: [UI] context menu in source view does not correctly detect breakpoints if not on the first source address (spx)
0000118: [Expressions/Watchpoints] (char *) char_array does not display the string in the expression panel (spx)
0000124: [Expressions/Watchpoints] changing the scope of %regs/%fpregs does not work (spx)
0000100: [UI] keep position of a restored expression after undo (spx)
0000090: [Visualization] ,mem: allow to manually specify the amount of highlighted bytes -> ,mem,x (spx)
0000113: [UI] variable tooltip: do not block scrolling when the tooltip doesn't actually have a scrollable area (spx)
0000137: [Expressions/Watchpoints] change autocomplete to use the currently selected scope (spx)
0000125: [Expressions/Watchpoints] expanding a pinned expression not possible when currently out of scope (spx)
0000129: [UI] less confusing dragging of table columns when reordering (spx)
0000110: [UI] use scrolling for top menu if the window is too small (spx)
0000181: [UI] display notification when the executable does not exist (spx)
0000117: [UI] display notification when the working directory does not exist (spx)
0000031: [General] better -h output for command line usage -> changed to --h (spx)
0000109: [UI] context menu for ",asm" expression clipped by table row (spx)
0000093: [Visualization] ,mem: pointer,array_size,mem has unexpected result (spx)
0000086: [Visualization] ,img: provide a way to show scaled unfiltered image -> ,filter=nearest (spx)
0000083: [Visualization] ,img: support "top down"/"bottom up" -> ,flipy (spx)
0000111: [Expressions/Watchpoints] floating point precision when displaying variable content (spx)
0000152: [UI] inner scrolling panel does not clip correctly to outer scrolling panel (spx)
0000177: [UI] floating panel titlebar not visible when partially out of the screen (spx)
0000169: [UI] allow to dock panels to floating panels (spx)
0000168: [PDB/CodeView] PDB: Potential invalid compileunit/instruction pointer depending on positioning of two mapped memory regions (spx)
0000115: [UI] trying to drag a tab that contains more than a single panel causes unexpected behavior (spx)
0000172: [General] possible creation of non null-terminated strings potentially crashing the debugger (spx)
0000170: [Debugger] source mapping fails to map any cursor to the very last source line (spx)
0000171: [Debugger] debugger can fail to correctly map any cursor to the last assembly instruction in a debug region (spx)
0000008: [UI] draw UI elements aligned to pixels (spx)
0000167: [DWARF] DWARF: Potential crash due to wrong pointer arithmetic between two mapped memory regions (spx)
0000165: [UI] remove limit of 16 children for tab containers (spx)
0000164: [UI] show close button when having a closeable panel docked in a tabbed container (spx)
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Released 2019-04-28
0000121: [DWARF] DW_AT_count and DW_AT_*_bound not handled correctly with DW_FORM_exprloc (spx)
0000120: [Debugger] backtrace fails if __chkstk is used (spx)
0000119: [DWARF] DW_AT_count in combination with DW_FORM_ref not handled correctly (spx)
0000107: [Debugger] allow to continue normally when breaking on __debugbreak in code (spx)
0000105: [Breakpoints] persist output of breakpoints across sessions (spx)
0000104: [UI] ,mem sometimes shows only a single line for 1 frame (spx)
0000081: [Visualization] ,img parameter naming (spx)
0000084: [Visualization] ,img: support expressions in bpp value (spx)
0000006: [Workspace] option to keep the debugger open after the process has exited (spx)
0000103: [UI] variable tooltips not working correctly on source lines that span multiple view lines (spx)
0000098: [Breakpoints] persist enabled/disabled state of breakpoints across sessions (spx)
0000089: [Visualization] ,mem: also highlight the variable memory in the ascii view (spx)
0000088: [UI] change autocomplete for expressions to filter based on start of the value (spx)
0000087: [UI] do not keep offering autocomplete if the input value matches the only autocomplete result (spx)
0000085: [Expressions/Watchpoints] better handling of spaces in expressions and visualization parameters (spx)
0000095: [General] change format of printed arrays to swap curly and square braces (spx)
0000040: [Debugger] allow to be launched as just-in-time debugger (spx)
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Released 2019-04-28
0000059: [UI] improve breakpoint panel (spx)
0000074: [Debugger] by default only break on exception codes that indicate an actual fault (spx)
0000073: [UI] allow variable tooltips to be resized and add scrolling for overflow (spx)
0000072: [UI] change startup configuration selection combobox to selectable list (spx)
0000094: [DWARF] incorrect range handling evaluating variables by name (spx)
0000102: [UI] disabling desktop composition after startup causes incorrect window border (spx)
0000079: [UI] restrict expanding of expressions when not applicable (spx)
0000078: [UI] changing display type (right-click menu) on a member expression fails (spx)
0000053: [UI] panel layout can reach an unexpected state forcing to reset the layout (spx)
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Released 2019-04-28
0000002: [UI] path autocompletion helper for text inputs (spx)
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Released 2019-04-28
0000054: [PDB/CodeView] incorrect range handling evaluating variables by name (spx)
0000064: [UI] re-add ability to stop/resume individual threads or all threads to the thread table (spx)
0000071: [UI] show address of array elements next to the array index in expression table (spx)
0000029: [Expressions/Watchpoints] anonymous members in autocomplete dialog (spx)
0000060: [UI] stacktrace table only uses rip for row highlighting (spx)
0000057: [UI] option to expand a certain depth of compound types in variable tooltips (spx)
0000051: [UI] do not show variable tooltips for plain literals (spx)
0000056: [Expressions/Watchpoints] missing curly brace when printing string pointer (spx)
0000045: [UI] ability to have multiple pinned expressions (spx)
0000063: [UI] expressions not updating when changing focus without confirming using return (spx)
0000062: [UI] changing the order of table columns can leave 2 columns being dragged (spx)
0000061: [UI] crash when making all table columns invisible and enabling one column (spx)
0000047: [UI] change variable tooltip when moving the mouse over a different expression on the same line (spx)
0000046: [UI] moving the mouse can cause the variable tooltip to be recreated with the same content (spx)
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Released 2019-04-28
0000012: [UI] rework all alternative color schemes (spx)
0000075: [UI] syntax highlighting doesn't apply sometimes depending on the scrolling position (spx)
0000066: [UI] removing all arguments/environment values from configurations not possible (spx)
0000070: [General] debugger does not start on windows when unsupported env string passed (spx)
0000026: [Expressions/Watchpoints] improve expression editing/panel (spx)
0000069: [UI] removing all arguments or environment variables not possible after saving (spx)
0000005: [Expressions/Watchpoints] expanding large arrays/structures (spx)
0000044: [UI] active line for previous frames is not highlighted when syntax highlighting is enabled (spx)
0000034: [UI] change argument or environment entry in configuration settings when changing focus (spx)
0000032: [UI] make comboboxes visually distinct from buttons (spx)
0000007: [UI] dragging the cursor on an inactive text field doesn't show the selected range (spx)
0000020: [Expressions/Watchpoints] allow 0x and 0b literals (spx)
0000050: [UI] table widget does not support scrolling and can overflow the panel (spx)
0000028: [Expressions/Watchpoints] allow -> syntax to access pointer members (spx)
0000048: [DWARF] array range not resolved correctly for variable-sized arrays (spx)
0000025: [Expressions/Watchpoints] expr: pointer+[offset],[n] (spx)
0000052: [UI] show version in window title (spx)
0000030: [PDB/CodeView] accessing members of anonymous members resolves to the wrong type (spx)
0000049: [UI] slider: do not interrupt scrolling with the mouse wheel (spx)
0000043: [UI] use "command + a" so select all expressions instead of "ctrl + a" (spx)
0000042: [Expressions/Watchpoints] pin watches by address (spx)
0000038: [Workspace] list recently used workspace files (spx)
0000024: [Debugger] show call site/stack trace when calling a null pointer (spx)
0000021: [Expressions/Watchpoints] handle ,mem with address as expression value (spx)
0000001: [UI] rework UI customization frontend (spx)
0000004: [UI] option to change fonts (spx)
0000003: [UI] tooltips (spx)
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Released 2019-03-14
0000041: [UI] all expression values are aligned to the longest expression (spx)
0000036: [UI] button to reset the current panel layout (spx)
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